Does Your Home Need A New Roof?

 Our experienced roofing crew can handle any residential roofing need. We perform everything from basic repairs to large-scale replacement projects. Our experienced staff only uses material from trusted brands to ensure the best possible quality. Each of our roofers must undergo manufacturer certification programs and OSHA safety courses. Having a well-trained staff helps ensure that we complete each residential roofing project correctly and on time. We take pride in building roofs that can endure Colorado weather.

We can install a variety of roofing types. For example, we commonly install asphalt shingle and metal roofing. We also know how to repair and install tile, clay, wood and slate roofs. Our company works to complete each roofing project in accordance with industry standards. Having a good roof can increase your property value. Once our roofers complete a project, they make sure to clean up their mess so that you do not step on any leftover shingles or stray nails.

Your House Deserves The Perfect Color

Paint is your home’s first line of protection against weather and other elements. An exterior paint job helps keep moisture from seeping into your home’s wooden frame. Even the tiniest crack in your home’s exterior paint can cause damage if you wait too long to treat the problem. If your home needs a new exterior paint job, then we can help. We offer exterior painting services for residential owners. Our painting contractors have years of experience and adhere to all quality standards.

It is important to hire a reputable company when having your house painted. Inexperienced painters can put your home at risk. Their exterior paint tends to crack and chip off, which is unsightly. Having your home painted by a professional can save you money in the end. We can help you choose the perfect paint color for your house. Our skilled painters can even help match an existing color if needed. Feel free to contact one of our paint professionals today for more information.

Residential Services

As one of Colorado’s leading residential roofing contractors, we protect your most precious investment: your home.

Commercial Services

We’re known as one of the best commercial roofing contractors, providing roofing for commercial buildings, warehouses, multi-family & HOAs.

Painting Services

Brave Line Painting has been providing expert interior and exterior painting services to residents throughout Colorado. 

Ready For A Beautiful Home?

We understand that roofing construction and repairs can be a stressful experience. Make your roofing services convenient and hassle-free when you hire for the dedicated, friendly, and highly-experienced team of roofing specialists working at Brave Line Roofing & Construction Call us today at (970) 682-9903 for a free estimate on your services!


Hail falling rapidly can easily damage. If you aren’t how much damage your roof has taken after a hailstorm, Call the Brave Line Roofing to come and survey the damage. 


Looking to add some curb appeal as well as keeping your home or business secure and energy efficient. Let us help you find that perfect style of new siding, windows, and gutters for your residential or commercial property.


Brave Line is certified and licensed roofing contractor in Denver Colorado, and we offer roof repair services for all types of roofing materials. If you’re looking for a fast-response roofer near you in Colorado give us a call.


We'll Make Your Home Beautiful

Our experienced team of skilled professionals have been providing expert installation of premium quality siding, soffit/fascia, windows, doors, roofing, gutters, and gutter protection systems for countless satisfied customers.

You won’t be disappointed when you hire us because we have a focus on craftsmanship for your exterior remodeling. This means your project will be handled by a business that can get the job done on-time, with the highest respect for your property. Plus we make sure you are satisfied well after the job is done.

As you already know, safety is a major issue when it comes to your home. That’s why we set high standards for proper repair and installation to keep you and your home safe. When you hire us you get the peace of mind that you deserve.

Team of electricians

Why Choose Us

Nothing is worse than a leaky roof. Whether it’s a simple leak, an insurance claim, or catastrophic hail damage, it’s hard to get your life back on track until that roofing repair is complete.

Large or small, residential or commercial, we are absolutely committed to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We’ve built our company and reputation as experts in the industry with years of high quality repair, replacement, and maintenance.

With our wide coverage area and timely service, even during emergency and severe weather situations, Rocky Mtn Restoration will be there wherever and whenever you need us.

Areas we also Serve:

Arvada, CO, 

Denver, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

Fort Collins, CO


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